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    Ps2 version differences For example: There are a total of 7 button combinations you have to press to get thru the fight, along with dialogue in-between. The inside of the box is clear, much like PSP game cases. The game disc itself is also changed with a red top instead of a black top. Retrieved July 5, 2014. The graphics and the gameplay are MUCH better ps2 version differences the PC especially if you have the high definition pack that comes with Blue Shift. Same goes for every item there is. SCPT on the PS2 has a small jungle level 3. Thus, I figured I might as well make a thread as a guide to it, especially when one considers the fact that Konami has completely mishandled the console HD collection with the inexcusable bugs and abhorrent changes to the original material. Retrieved July 3, 2014. Text The text in dialogue is a few points smaller in comparison to the Cube version. Capcom has removed this from the PS2 version and has replaced it with Pesetas. Laser-Cel Numbers For the GC version, 48,000 were made. Thank you so much. It also has many new features exclusive to only the GameCube version. They wore Camo clothing, similar to the from the first game. If the player loses all lives of falling Remy wakes up. Overall which version is the best? L 412 This is a completely new weapon in the RE4 universe, which is exclusive to the PS2 version. After you turn the bridge after witnessing Salazar carrying Ashley away, you have to cross a bridge, first with 3 shield bearers, then a hoard of Illuminados from the front and back. Beat Assignment Ada to get the CT in Separate Ways. Ps2 version differences DC version is the arcade perfect port of MvC2. I really dig my 360 pad setup in Xpadder for the game. The PS2 version takes up 102KB per save. This is how I now play all of my ps2 games because it converts it to HD. In the PS2 version, the light beacon is opaque. That crazy maniac was flying his hoverchair DRUNK. Work your way up, and you go for a slow elevator ride. L 412 Gunpowder Bowgun New Boss Fights SPOILERS Chicago Typewriter 2 Chicago Typewriter 3 Power Weapons in Professional Mode Professional Mode made Easy?

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