• Leica summicron 35mm f2 version 4

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    Leica summicron 35mm f2 version 4 But I continue to use the 3rd-gen Cron happily because of its small size coupled with excellent construction. Redesign, black nose, floating element. Have gone with V3. We are talking about how the eyes respond to an overall image-and much of this is subjective: conjectural and imaginative. Cheers, Michael Thanks for the replies everyone! All use the thorium element. Both tend to get central veil of flare shooting into light sources, even with the hood. The third version is about 70 grams lighter. I think the metal hood makes it as sexy looking as the 35mm Summilux-M ASPH, but smaller. It has the older chrome lock mount. Latest update January 8, 2018. There is not much difference in IQ between the first and third thoriums. This can be reversed by exposure to UV sunlight will take many weeks. This is our charity. As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use. This is used in tele lenese lenes where blurring motion of the camera from inevitable vibrations are adjusted by the lens. I had the camera on a tripod, and used Velvia. So far, nobody has been able to determine exactly what light is. Once you realize that you know what angles to avoid and work around it. There is frankly little difference that I can see between the seven and eight elements non-asph. When people shoot different lenses under different conditions, they usually interpret the differences as coming from the lenses, instead of from their varying test conditions. However, these tend to be so expensive that I wouldnt bother. Leica summicron 35mm f2 version 4 All use the thorium element. In fact the thorium absolutely pops. Having fun with the Leica M9 and my daughter. The only catch is that the older lenses lack the notches to keep the newest rectangular hoods from rotating, but they still fit and work great. Slight exposure variations were equalized with curves adjustment layers. For a while I used them both and sold the 7 element finally, although the results at f2 were better with that one: it showed less flare, less coma and less vignetting. But I had always the impression that there is a veil between the picture and the viewer at all apertures.

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